Short term stay - Long term stay, Furnished rental apartment in Japan Yokohama. Short-Term Rentals in Yokohama and Tokyo, Kawasaki.

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Please stay at one of our short-term rentals when visiting Japan for business, sightseeing, etc.
Our apartments come equipped with furniture and appliances where you can check in much like a hotel and feel at home.
Rent can be paid in installments or with a credit card.
You can choose to stay from as short as a week or as long as a month, or for however long you need.
Please use our apartments as your base during your stay in Japan.

ForLong-term Stays.

Recommended for students, working holiday visa holders, and so on.
The contracts for our apartments are available without the need for a personal guarantor or a guarantor company.
We also offer rental furnishings that you can pick and choose for your apartment, even if your lease is with another agency.
Our furnishings can be rented from one year to four years. Renting your furnishings is a reasonable alternative to buying, especially when you consider the hassle of transportation or disposal when moving out.

Relax in private space that offers greate comfort than abusiness hotel. Please contact us when you have an apartment or location of your choice.

R-Life Short-Term Rental Units

Everyone who is looking for an apartment in Yokohama and Tokyo

R-Life offers furnished apartments in Yokohama with the minimum of a 7-day stay.

Staff capable of supporting Japanese and English, and supports the stay and living in Yokohama towards the tourist and working holiday.
Our bilingual staff provide support in both Japanese and English for our clients who are visiting or staying in Yokohama.


Rental Furnishings

Anyone can rent furniture and appliances. You can save alot of money, time, and effort by renting instead of purchasing furniture and appliances.

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ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

Rent Life Co., Ltd.

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