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Corporate Name Rent Life Co., Ltd.

Yokohama Branch, Shin-Yokohama
Kaede Bldg. 2, 6F, 2-5-10 Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033 Japan

Head Office, Ina
4561-7 Chuo, Ina, Nagano Prefecture 396-0015 Japan

Nagano Branch
859-1 Kurita, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 380-0921 Japan

Matsumoto Branch
1043 Shimadati, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-0852 Japan

Suwa Interchange Branch
2767-2 Chino, Chino, Nagano Prefecture 391-0001 Japan

Komagane Property Exhibition
497-1170 Akaho, Komagane, Nagano Prefecture 399-4117 Japan

Iida Branch
1157-2 Kitagata, Iida, Nagano Prefecture 395-0151Japan

Representative Chairman CEO Toru Asakawa
President Hitoshi Ozawa
Established Established in September 2000
Capital Ten million yen
Number of employees 46 (current as of December 2015)
Description of Business Real estate leasing brokerage, management and real estate, real estate consulting
Design and construction of detached houses, and apartment renovation and remodeling
Interior planning and decoration, coordination of interior design, design of living spaces using natural materials
Remodeling and Renovation Consulting
Planning, construction, and sales of ready-built house
Rental management franchise, and short-term condominium rental business
Contractor Registration Licensed realty business under the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2) construction permit No. 8313
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (General -26) No. 25391
Condominium Managementbr
Licensed under the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (1) No. 034194 for Rental Housing Management Industry
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2) No. 2309
Member Organizations National Real Estate Association
Real Estate Guarantee Association
East Japan Real Estate Information Network, Public Utility Foundation
Japan Metropolitan Area Real Estate Fair Trade Council
General Association of the Renovation Housing Promotion
Japan Rental Housing Management Association

Business of Rent Life

Rent life is a trusted company operating in the Kanto region with operations that are expanding to further enhance the quality and variety of services for our customers.

Rental property brokerage services, tenant support services, sales of detached houses and apartment properties, interior and exterior renovation and remodeling of older properties, and a wide range of other real-estate related businesses.

Primary operations include Rental Management Business Operations, Home Sales Business Operations, and Remodeling & Renovation Business Operations. Each operation is further divided into departments that focus on improving the quality of services of each operation.

Rental Management Business Operations deal not only with introducing tenants to vacant properties, but also deal with management of various issues on behalf of tenants and landlords. This department also handles issues where the rent falls into arrears using our rent guarantee system. In addition, this department proposes home renovations to increase occupancy rates, support services for owners who have been relocated and desire to rent out their homes with peace of mind.

Home Sales Business Operations anticipate the latest real estate market conditions and provide experienced and professional staff who fine-tune support to clients who desire to purchase a safe and reliable second-hand apartment. Detached home sales include the in-house construction of ready-built home sales that offer buyers favorable conditions at a low price.

Remodeling & Renovation Business Operations undertake the full remodeling and renovation of rental properties for single tenants to family-targeted properties using our in-house teams to reinvigorate a vacant property that meet the needs of the market and increase property values for the owners. In addition, by introducing unique Shinsu brand lumber for the interior, living spaces that are graceful and provide the residents with a comforting environment.

Leasing Management

Commercial Rental We aim to further promote out services through advertising activities that include the use of the Web, billboards, and more.
Leasing Management Our in-house management system allows us to co-manage an owner’s property that is leased out for investment purposes to enhance the ROI of our clients.
Rent Life manages a total of 21,400 units nationwide.
Rent Guarantee Services Our rent guarantee service offers landlords and owners options to help mitigate the risk of a vacant property or the risk of a rent that has fallen into arears.
Relocation Services Our relocation services undertake all aspects of managing your vacant house or apartment during your relocation including property management, tenant recruiting and screening, contracts, and tenant support.
Effective Utilization of Vacant Properties Our services offer the most effective utilization solutions for owners whether it entail buying, selling, renting, or renovating valuable assets. Our expertise and experience encompasses all business aspects of real estate transactions including ready-built home sales.
Short-Term Rental Business Our short-term rental operations target the needs of various situationsa primary residence is undergoing major renovation, business trips, temporary residence during training, staff or student dormitory, company housing, a base camp for tourists, foreigners on working holiday, and many more situations where affordable short-term housing is required.

Residential Sales

Sales of Pre-Owned Houses and House Renovations & Upgrades We assist with purchasing a pre-owned condominium or house for the purpose of selling or leasing as an asset with added value.
Ready-Built Housing Business We design, build, and sell ready-built houses using in-house teams and processes that eliminate the need to outsource any part of the process. This ensures that our homes are one-of-kind structures that cannot be imitated by any other real estate company. We are thus able to achieve high sales at affordable and competitive prices.
Brokerage-House Purchase Business Our real estate brokerage of vacant houses helps to revive the housing market and increase property values in the local neighborhood.

Remodeling & Renovation Projects

Remodeling Business Our track record of more than 1,500 projects a year reflects on our know-how and ability to add value to assets based on our recommendations to property owners
Renovation Business We buy old houses and apartments, reduce them to their skeletal structure, and breathe new life in to beautiful homes that enhance property values and give birth to a new lifestyle.
Kinoiro Remodeling Business Finished with natural materials using, for example, high-quality solid wood floor of Shinshu, friendly renovation to the people who live that can be precisely because the company of Shinshu.
Using Shinshu brand high-quality lumber, our Kinoiro business renovates a customer’s home with gentle and comfortable solid-wood floors and natural materials.


September 2000 Rent Life Co., Ltd. established
Founded the Forest Corporation and Asset Ai Corporation specializing in rental management
January 2001 Rent Life Ina Branch opening
Expanding to the surrounding area in central Nagano Prefecture. Started deployment of the rental management business in the city of Ina.
November 2001 Rent Life Matsumoto Branch opening
Opened in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture in the Shiojiri area and expand throughout the city of Matsumoto and surrounding areas. Expansion of the rental management industry business.
January 2003 FC Division established to start expansion of a nationwide franchise businesses.
April 2005 Rent Life Iida Branch opening
Opened in the city of Iida, Nagano Prefecture and expanded to areas surrounding Iida for extending our rental management business.
October 2006 Opened an FC Tokyo metropolitan area headquarters in Tokyo's Nihonbashi. Expansion of FC merchants from Hokkaido to 37 franchises in the Kyushu region
February 2007 Rent Life Komagane-Interchange Branch opening
Opened in Komagane, Nagano Prefecture to expand our rental management business as a satellite branch of the Ina Branch.
February 2007 Rent Life Suwa-Interchange Branch opening
Opened in the Chino area with rental management business operations expanding into the Suwa and Okaya areas.
March 2007 Rent Life Okurayama Branch opening
Opened near the Tokyu Toyoko Line Okurayama Station. Started deployment of the rental brokerage management business in the Okurayama area.
Upgraded from a realty business license to a Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport license
January 2008 Transfer of the Okurayama Branch to the newly established Rent Life Shin-Yokohama Branch in Yokohama.
FC Tokyo Metropolitan Area Headquarters simultaneously relocated.
Started a full-scale deployment of retail condominiums business in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Yokohama, and surrounding areas.
November 2009 Establishment of Rinorumu Division
Started remodeling business that takes advantage of know-how cultivated in the rental management business and meeting the needs of general end-users.
February 2010 City housing project opened
Adopting the concept of “Living in the City”, started construction of lower-cost barrier-free houses that eliminate the anxieties of the elderly.
May 2011 Held first owner seminars.
Shared information and knowledge with landlords related to rental management, and invited experts to conduct seminars related to all matters of rental management.
2011年5月 A new website for relocation services went online.
October 2011 Rent life Nagano branch reopening.
Originally operating as real estate department of a sister company, the Forest Corporation, the Nagano Branch was reopened as a retail branch to provide more substantial support.
September 2012 Relocation of the Rent Life Shin-Yokohama Branch office.
Renovation of showrooms and simultaneous relocation of Shinshu Kinoiro operations.
December 2014 Rent Life Matsumoto Branch relocation
July 2016 Rent Life Nagano Branch relocation
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Rent Life Co., Ltd.

Kaede Bldg. 2, 6F, 2-5-10 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku Ward, Yokohama 222-0033 Japan


10:00AM - 6:30PM

License: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2) No. 8313