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Service flow

1. Reservation

Step 01 Room Search

From the search screen, please search for the room that matches your desires.

Step 02 Inquiry

After you have decided on a particular apartment, clickInquiryto submit your request at the bottom of page of the desired unit. From the Inquiry page, provide your desired lease timeframe, the number of tenants, and other details.
Click Inquire for the unit below the questionnaire.

Our staff will send you an email with a cost estimate and confirmation of availability. Based on the contents of your inquiry, we will contact you via email with unit availability, cost estimate, etc. for the unit

Step 03 Reply to a reservation request

Send your request for reservations after concurring with the cost estimate, availability information, etc. that you received from our staff.
*At this point in the process, your reservation request has yet to be confirmed.

Our staff will temporarily delist the unit for your desired timeframe. Our staff will confirm the contents of your reservation request and initiate the reservation process. Our staff will send you an email with a Reservation Confirmation. After receiving the Reservation Confirmation email, visit the Member’s page at our website or click on the URL included with the email to proceed with making payment.
Your reservation will be finalized once your payment has been confirmed.
*If you are not registered as a member, please register as a member.
Once you register as a member, you can check the reservation information etc. from My Page, and the procedure from the next time will be easy.

2. Payment

Credit card payments via PayPal

Confirm the estimated amount and proceed with making a credit card transaction.
*In the case of credit card payment, we will use "PayPal" settlement service so that you can use it safely and securely.

Bank Wire Transfer

Confirm the estimated amount and click [Confirmation] for wire transfers.
Your reservation will be complete once we have confirmed receipt of full payment (during banking hours).
Wire transfers must be made within three days or your reservation will be automatically canceled.

3. Booking confirmation

PayPal (credit card) confirmations

Your booking will be confirmed once the transaction has been approved and completed by PayPal.

Bank wire transfer confirmations

Your booking will be confirmed once the transaction has been received in full by the receiving bank.
Failure to complete the payment transaction within three days of initiating a booking reservation will result in automatic cancelation of your request.

4. Contract and move-in

Make an appointment to visit Rent Life to receive an explanation of the lease details and to stamp the lease agreement with your Japanese name seal stamp (hanko), after which you will receive the key(s) to the apartment.

Items needed at the contract signing/stamping meeting Government issued photo ID and your hanko (signature allowed if you lack a hanko)
*Corporate leases
Income verification documents (corporate summary, incorporation certificate, brochure, etc.)


- Explanation of Terms of Use of the rental property
- Please refer to the agreement that is applicable to all residents.
- This lease agreement shall be terminated and made invalid immediately should it be determined that the tenant used a false name in the contract or that the apartment has been used for non-residential purposes.
- The tenant shall present certification of their identity and allow a photo copy to be taken of such ID.
(A certificate of identification may include a passport, residence card, driver’s license, etc.)
(Provide a certificate of identification of all tenants. A copy of each ID will be kept during the term of the lease.)
- Any required amount that is due at the time of booking must be paid in full.
- Failure to make full payment of the amount due will be grounds for immediate cancelation of your lease agreement.

A receipt cannot be issued for payments involving credit card transaction via PayPal.

5. Moving out

The tenant agrees to make themselves available for a walk-through inspection at the end of the lease prior to moving out.
Once an inspection of the interior and furnishings has been completed and there are no issues related to damage or cleanliness, the tenant will return the key and be allowed to move out.
Tenants agree to pay the full cost related to proper disposal of any personal articles left behind.
Tenants agree to return the apartment to the original condition in which it was received at the time of moving in.
If you have significantly tainted the room, or if there is damage, lost fixtures and equipment, you will be charged for reimbursements.Tenants agree to pay the full cost related to extra cleaning that might be required due to excessive uncleanliness, loss of any furnishings, and the cost of repairs related to damages of the residence or damages of any of the furnishings.

Tenants agree to provide ample time when making an appointment for the walk-through inspection.

Lease Term

*Click a start date and end date for your desired lease period.


Credit Cards Accepted

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

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