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Overseas Clients

Moving to Japan


overseas clients

Moving to Japan


Rent Life is working to expand the number of properties that we can rent out as short-term units to meet the growing demand.

Although there is a large market for high-end units for wealthy clientele, the majority of visitors to Japan are on a tight budget and want to enjoy the conveniences of a hotel-like room with the overt initial expense of a standard lease.


In order to keep costs low and to pass those savings onto our tenants, our properties are typically small and furnished with just the basics that you will need to start living in the apartment upon your day of arrival to Japan.

Whether you are a working professional on short-term assignment, a student with a tight budget, or a tourist who just needs a base camp to work out of, R-Life short-term rentals can meet your basic needs at pricess that are more affordable than a hotel and very competitive with other short-term rental providers.

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Our office is in Yokohama.

It takes only 15 minutes in Shin-Kansen to Tokyo and Shinagawa from Yokohama station. Much of Yokohama consists of suburban, residential areas. Many workers and students commute from Yokohama to Tokyo. How would you like to enjoy a stay in Yokohama with such easy access to Tokyo?

About Yokohama

Numerous sightseeing spots in Yokohama.


Yokohama Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in Japan, and is said to be one of the largest in the world. Chinatown also offers visitors a glimpse into the culture, food, and festivals of China, which makes it a big attraction for sightseeing and dining. Unlike coastal areas in Tokyo, the Port of Yokohama is readily accessible, and offers beautiful views, especially at night.
If the skies are clear, visitors to Landmark Tower can take in a majestic view of Mt. Fuji as it rises in the west.


The Minatomirai District is a beautiful area of Yokohama where the themes of water and greenery have been carefully applied to advanced urban planning. Romantic couples and families alike regularly enjoy the large shopping centers and attractions, which include a large Ferris wheel and small amusement park.
The cityscape of Yokohama includes historical sites in Kannai, Bashamichi, Motomachi, Yamate, and more. These areas include historical architecture, museums, a western cemetery, parks, and much more. There are numerous shopping broadways where local merchant line the streets with their crafts and goods. A few steps of the beaten path and you can find yourself along a quiet street lined with upscale residential homes and international schools.

Red Brick Warehouse

Never at rest, Yokohama continues to further develop centers of the city with new developments that include commercial facilities, sports stadiums, entertainment and concert venues, many of which can be found in Shin-Yokohama.
Where Minatomirai and central Yokohama offer the glitz of a modern, urban landscape, locations like Sankei-en Garden offer lush, green landscapes where you can enjoy flora and fauna grown specifically to highlight the four seasons along side historical structures that have been transplanted from across Japan. There is also Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, which includes an amusement park, an aquarium, a shopping mall, hotels, and a marina.

Yokohama offers visitors of all types many popular attractions whether it be modern or historical architecture, restaurants or cafes, there are many activities to enjoy whether you are traveling, sightseeing, or going out for a romantic date.

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